Lily Comer

My name is Lily Comer and I am 19 years old.  I’m originally from Welch, West Virginia, but I grew up in Bluefield, Virginia.  I have always loved music and I grew up listening to classic country and rock music!  I really got into music when I started taking guitar lessons in 2014.  That eventually led to me taking piano and vocal lessons.  I started doing my own shows in 2017, while going to school and and taking lessons.  As I continued to do shows my audience grew.  I started posting more on social media and my videos started getting shared on big Country pages such as Country Rebel and Country Music America.  I now teach music lessons, gig throughout the week at different venues, interact on social media, and I am majoring in Music Education at Bluefield College. I’m glad I have the opportunity to share what I love with so many people.

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